Without You, Who Will Care for Your Pet?

Janette Adamucci, a Seattle Humane Society supporter and volunteer, has been helping to keep people and their pets together for a long time as a Seattle Humane Pet Food Bank volunteer.

For Janette, knowing that her own cat would be well cared for if she died was very important. Since she was updating her will and estate planning documents, Janette decided to learn more about Seattle Humane Society's Pet Guardian program. The program offers SHS supporters a way to ensure their pets will be cared for if they die. By enrolling in the program or listing it in your will or estate plans, Seattle Humane Society becomes the legal owner of your pet when you die and can provide immediate care and placement services for your animal.

"It really gives me peace of mind knowing that our cat will be placed in a loving home if we're not around anymore," Janette says. "Although we hope that our family will always be able to care for Mettie, I decided to name the Pet Guardian program as the alternate caretaker in my estate planning documents in case that isn't possible. I know that Seattle Humane Society would match her with someone who would love her like we do."

Enrollment in the Pet Guardian program is a one-time fee of $1,000 and covers up to five dogs and cats. Each animal is issued a collar tag and microchip upon enrollment. When the time comes, Seattle Humane Society will pick up your animals within 100 miles of the shelter. If desired, Seattle Humane Society will place your pets together in a new home. If they are not thriving at the shelter, they'll be cared for in a private home through SHS's foster care program.