Who Will Care for Your Pet When You're Gone?

button.jpg Button is one lucky dog. His owner, Teri Persen, showers him with love and affection and makes sure he wants for nothing. Teri has even thought about who will care for Button should he outlive her. To ensure that he will be matched with a loving new owner, Teri joined Seattle Humane Society's Pet Guardian Program which is designed to provide animal owners with peace of mind that their pet(s) will be cared for after the owners pass away. Teri does not have family in the area and was hesitant to designate a friend as Button's caregiver. Many of her friends have pets of their own already and can't care for another one or are not pet lovers and might not welcome a four-legged creature in their life. "By enrolling in the Pet Guardian Program I know Button will be well taken care of when the time comes," Teri says.

Seattle Humane's Pet Guardian Program allows people to enroll up to five household pets (including dogs, cats or small critters). Seattle Humane Society stays in touch with the person over the years to learn about the pet's personality so when the person dies, Seattle Humane can place the pet with a new owner who will be a good fit for the pet. Enrollees are given a collar tag for the pet indicating they are enrolled in the program and paperwork to include with their important documents outlining whom to contact.

One benefit of the program is that Seattle Humane will pick up the pet within a 100-mile radius of the shelter if necessary. Additionally, the pet will be placed in foster care if that is deemed in the pet's best interest. For more information about the program, call Scott Fraser, Esq. at (425) 373-5387.