Volunteers' Health Scare Leads to Legacy Gift

CatRetirement was on the horizon for two of Seattle Humane's newest PawPrints Planned Giving Society members. The couple, who has chosen to share their story anonymously, agreed that before they retired, they each needed to identify at least three hobbies or volunteer engagements that would keep them busy.

They chose to volunteer for Seattle Humane because of their love for cats, particularly their Seattle Humane alums, very shy Fred and lovable Jack. Both kitties received exceptional care during their stay at the shelter, including treatment of Jack's dental problems.

Through their boots-on-the-ground volunteer experience, the couple quickly grew to appreciate Seattle Humane's dedication to pets that might not otherwise have a second, third or sometimes fourth chance.

"Seattle Humane educates the community on how to be sensitive to pets' needs and helps people who need to make that difficult decision of surrendering their pets do so in the right way," the couple said. In essence, they completed their due diligence to feel comfortable supporting the organization not only by volunteering but by also making increasingly significant financial gifts.

Then last year, the couple's engagement with Seattle Humane took a different turn. After a scary single-car accident, they learned about a previously undisclosed heart condition in one of them that required implanting a pacemaker. Soon thereafter, they worked on getting their estate plan in place.

Cats"We chose to include Seattle Humane in our will because of how it leverages limited financial resources," they said. "The new facility's primary care veterinary teaching hospital increases Seattle Humane's effectiveness in achieving its goals."

Washington State University's fourth-year vet students participate in two-week rotations at the shelter, which helps them become practice-ready while freeing up Seattle Humane's vet staff to provide more public low-income-qualified spay/neuter services, as well as discounted services to smaller animal rescue groups that don't have the resources to provide medical care on their own.

When asked why other supporters should consider a planned gift to Seattle Humane, the couple said, "A legacy gift to Seattle Humane is a bargain and a good investment. You can include Seattle Humane in your will without spending cash, knowing that your gift will sustain the organization's lifesaving work for years to come."

To learn more about how you can leave a legacy of love for the animals, contact Scott Fraser, Esq. at (425) 373-5387 or Scott@seattlehumane.org.