Supporters Extend Generosity to Seattle Humane

Seattle Humane supporters enjoyed boating with their cats, Calypso and Luna.

Seattle Humane supporters enjoyed boating with their cats, Calypso and Luna.

Seattle Humane PawPrints Planned Giving Society members Ed and Sandy Gullekson enjoyed boating with their kitties, Calypso and Luna, who napped in the sunshine and watched birds from the fly bridge of their boat. Unfortunately, their beloved furry family members passed at early ages. They greatly miss their kitties but since Ed and Sandy are now retired, they have decided to wait to adopt again so they can travel without "pet parent guilt."

Retirement also prompted the Gulleksons to think about their legacy. They drew up their estate plans to include a short list of nonprofit organizations that play a vital role in local and global communities. Having grown up with dogs and cats all their lives, they passionately believe in the importance of regional animal welfare work by organizations such as Seattle Humane. In addition to being Seattle Humane volunteers over the years, including Ed’s facilitation of the Pet Loss Support group and Sandy’s cat photography as a Pet Publicist, they have also rescued animals found on the streets of their neighborhood, knowing that they could bring them to Seattle Humane for loving care and rehoming.

Ed and Sandy also care deeply about the preservation of wildlife habitat and species survival. They believe that estate planning is an important concrete method for passing on their values for the benefit of future generations.

As Sandy reminds us, "Ed and I chose to include multiple nonprofit beneficiaries in our estate plans by leaving a percentage of our estate to each organization. This was easily done and made us feel good about our choices. We like to think that our estate plans reflect who we are."

Reflect Your Values
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