PawPrints Society: One Couple's Story

Mike and Noelle Harman are 30-something animal lovers who have included a gift to Seattle Humane Society (SHS) in their wills. They informed Seattle Humane of their intentions and became members of Seattle Humane's PawPrints Society.

The PawPrints Society was established to thank and recognize individuals who have remembered SHS in their will or through other planned gifts. "We created a will when we adopted our first dog, Luke, to make sure Luke will be well cared for if we die before him," Noelle says.

Since then, Linus has joined their household, and Mike and Noelle affectionately call the two dogs "their boys." They feel a special connection with Linus and the Seattle Humane Society because he was adopted from SHS. Noelle says, "While creating a will wasn't our first choice for how to spend a Saturday night, we are glad we did because we know the boys will be taken care of and that Seattle Humane will benefit as well." By notifying Seattle Humane of their plans, Mike and Noelle are involved with the organization through exclusive events like annual dinners and tours.

Planning for the future is something that many people put off indefinitely, but Mike says, "It's nice to know we can support SHS both now and after we are gone."

Each year, the Seattle Humane Society receives significant gifts from donors via wills; as beneficiaries of insurance policies, 401(k)s and other retirement plans; and through endowed gifts. For more information about how to make an estate gift or join the PawPrints Society, please contact Scott Fraser, Esq. by">email or at (425) 373-5387.