Lawson Family Acts Today to Protect Their Pets Tomorrow

borgel-pepitaGil and Jennifer Lawson recently moved to Seattle with their two teenage daughters, Borzoi dog Borgel, terrier mix Pepita, and grey tabby Polly. Their closest relative lives in Georgia, so when the family recently met with their attorney for estate planning, they were challenged to figure out who would care for their pets should something happen to them. Seattle Humane Society's Pet Guardian Program was recommended as a solution.

pollyWith their one-time enrollment fee, the Lawsons became members of this innovative program. Their membership covers up to five cats, dogs and small critters; remains in effect during their lifetimes; and includes any animals they own when they pass away. In return for their enrollment, Seattle Humane will pick up their living pets within a 100-mile radius of SHS, transport them to the shelter, and adopt them into appropriate loving homes.

"Not all of us have the resources of Leona Helmsley, who left millions of dollars to care for her dogs in her will," Jennifer says. "Some people don't have relatives or friends who might be willing to take their pets in, or may have pets of their own, making it difficult to bring in new ones."

The Lawsons strongly encourage all families, particularly younger ones, to start estate planning early and include their pets. For them, Seattle Humane's Pet Guardian Program is a great alternative because it not only gives them peace of mind that their pets will be cared for, but also supports an organization that represents their values of rescuing animals and finding them loving homes.

To learn more about this innovative program, please contact Scott Fraser, Esq. at (425) 373-5387 or