Gift to Seattle Humane Recognizes Human-Animal Bond

emy the cat

emy, the tuxedo cat Esther Ybarra-Wagner adopted from Seattle Humane.

By Esther Ybarra-Wagner

Fifteen years ago, the week following the loss of our cat, my husband and I chose Seattle Humane to adopt another kitty.

We scooped up a four-month-old female tuxedo cat we named "emy." Her propensity to get into everything, including a furnace duct, a wall cavity and a mattress box spring, led me to pay tribute to her adventurous spirit with a series of card illustrations. From the moment she peeked her head out of the cardboard carrier we used to bring her home, we have been a family unit.

Illustration of emy, the cat

One of the card illustrations drawn by Esther Ybarra-Wagner of her cat, emy.

It was Seattle Humane's open door shelter with no time limits mission that inspired us to include them as beneficiaries in our wills. Supporting Seattle Humane's work in making the human-animal bond accessible to all is important to us because our four legged friends become family.

A planned gift is an investment in the legacy of extending that opportunity to both two-legged and four-legged creatures.

To learn how you can invest in the future of Seattle Humane's mission, contact Scott Fraser, Esq. at (425) 373-5387 or