Animals Lovers Make Long-Term Gift


Margery's and Mark's pets: Sasha, Romeo and Mittens

Margery Spears and husband, Mark Stephens, share their happy home with three cats and a dog. They help other animals find happy homes by contributing regularly to the Seattle Humane Society and have listed SHS as a beneficiary in their wills.

Margery first became involved with the Seattle Humane Society as an adopter. For the past ten years, she has volunteered at Seattle Humane in a variety of areas. She drives pet owners disabled by AIDS or HIV who are enrolled in the SHS Pet Project to free veterinary clinics. She's assisted in the Seattle Humane Society veterinary services department, and she and Mark also foster cats in their home. These cats typically need a break from living at the shelter or behavior training before being put up for adoption.

Because Margery feels such a connection to these animals, she has notified Seattle Humane that SHS is listed as a beneficiary in their wills. "I know the Seattle Humane Society does a tremendous job in our community finding homes for thousands of animals each year," Margery says. "I am happy to support its mission." Since notifying Seattle Humane about their estate plans, Margery and Mark are now members of the PawPrints Planned Giving Society and will enjoy exclusive activities and events including an annual dinner and behind-the-scenes tours of the shelter.

The Seattle Humane Society relies on individual donors like Margery and Mark whose donations make our lifesaving work possible. Private donors enable Seattle Humane to find homes for more than 100 cats, dogs and small critters each week. Besides adoptions, the Seattle Humane Society offers a wide variety of training and education classes, provides pet food to low-income seniors through the Pet Food Bank, offers low-cost spay and neuter services to the public, and provides other special services to keep people and pets together.

The Seattle Humane Society is grateful that donors like Margery and Mark have informed SHS of their estate plans. By knowing this information, SHS can honor them while they are alive and show them the impact of their contributions. For more information about making a planned gift to Seattle Humane, please contact